“I was wearing a dress I hadn’t worn in ages and summer sandals for the tropical heat and one of the moms didn’t recognize me! “You look so good,” one of the moms commented. Normally, I would be so excited with this ego-boosting compliment. But she had no idea I lost so much weight because I had been sick – the irony was thick because I had been trying my whole adult life to slim down. She also didn’t know how happy I was to overcome my weakness and be able to walk from the car park to the school. There were other things she wasn’t aware of either: how much I was sweating because I was so out of shape from all the time spent lying in bed, since I was so out of shape from all the time in bed, or how long it took me to shower and dress because of the unbearably painful hemorrhoids combined with low My mind was thinking, ‘Don’t you know I have cancer?’ but all I said was thank you.”

(from Chapter 5)

about me

As I progressed from a state of 50% cancerous cells to remission in 4 months, I didn’t realize I would discover so much about myself. My journey reflects the struggle we all have to find the balance in our lives and the need for authenticity to let our true selves shine through.

your journey

Have you ever been so sick that you felt you were losing control of regaining health? Share with me your story of how you found your health again. I am always looking for stories that support my belief that the body has the ability to heal itself.

What is enough?

It’s already February and I am still thinking about those New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: to eat less sugar, to lose 20 more pounds, to fit in various cross training and while still finding balance, and to get rid of unhealthy food in the house. I’ve recently gone to...

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Where is the balance?

Everyone is talking about balance… and everyone is talking about empowerment. They’re great concepts. What does balance really look like? I keep visualizing a teeter-totter going up and down, once it swings one way, it also starts swinging the other way. Balance and...

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Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

The first day of my Masters Program, I was surprised to be sent a PDF titled, ‘Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards’. I guess the program leaders were anticipating the stress that students would be dealing with as they juggled the intensity of the program on top of...

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